2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Maryalice has
completed her goal of reading
52 books in

I am hosting a reading challenge, based on the Popsugar ultimate reading challenge, at BSHS Library.

Who: Anyone who wants to join a reading community. We have invited BSHS students to join us, and this can certainly be adapted for younger participants!

What: Click here to view the challenge bookmark. See Mrs. Bond for your own laminated copy! 

When: 2018

Where: Read wherever and however (audiobooks count too) you like.

How: Share books that fit the challenge categories in our spreadsheet (access will be granted once you join the challenge by emailing Mrs. Bond -

Use the left column to list the book you successfully read for the 2018 challenge (must be read in 2018).
Use the right column to list any book(s) you have previously read and would suggest to others.

Why: The goal of our reading challenge is to share a love of reading and create a community of readers. There is no pressure to read books in all 40 (+12 advanced) categories. However, this challenge encourages you to try pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by reading something new, something you may not have otherwise read.

My personal challenge is to read 52 books this year, hitting as many categories as possible. Follow my progress on Twitter!  

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