Tuesday, November 6, 2018

30 Day Book Challenge

Thanks to Professional Book Nerds for creating this awesome 30 day book challenge. I'm using the challenge to promote 30 books I've read and recommend, many of which can be found in the BSHS library. 


Follow along as I post my 6 titles each week, and check out #30DayBookChallenge on Twitter to see more! 

Week 1: 

  1. The One by Kiera Cass - I found this series highly addicting, and read The One in under 24 hours (with two small children). My quick pitch to students is dystopian world meets The Bachelor
  2. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson - In graduate school I did an author study and read several books by one author. Seeing how popular Speak was with my high school students, I selected Anderson and read Catalyst; Fever, 1793; Speak; Twisted; and Wintergirls. I have since read The Impossible Knife of Memory and Speak: The Graphic Novel and find Speak to be a young adult book that should be required reading. 
  3. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - What can I say? I have a hard time not finishing a book, but this one scared me! I put it down, leaving it on my TBR list. About a month after I stopped reading, I had terrifying nightmares (aliens were attacking my house, and it was very vivid) and decided to bring The 5th Wave back to the library...I haven't been brave enough to try again. 
  4. Beezus and Ramona  by Beverly Cleary - I have great memories of reading Beverly Cleary books as a child and loved the Beezus/Ramona relationship. Having a little sister who is 5 years younger than me meant I felt a lot of the annoyances Beezus did too. 
  5.  Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston - I read this "contemporary" classic in my AP class in high school. It was one of the first books we read that broke the "traditional classic" shell, and I still enjoy recommending this book to students for their enjoyment and literary criticism research. 
  6. George by Alex Gino - I read George this year in honor of banned books week, and I just wanted to reach through the pages and give her a hug. I hope my library is a welcoming environment for all students. I loved this one so much that I purchased it for our collection, even though it's technically an upper elementary/middle grade book. I think George is another book that everyone should read. 
Stay tuned for week 2! 

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